Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thankyou cookie Bouquet.

Due to being unwell I have not been doing cakes or cookies for the last mth... But have now started again....
Orders are booked up so I will be very busy in upcoming months..
This is a cookie bouquet I made for Alison who was so very kind and bought our new kitten home from Roma... Our poor old Furby was run over so this little sweetheart should bring some fun back for Carly the Animal lover ! I made some freehand kittens... grey with no tails (this is the sort of cat we got her) Manx x Persian ... \

''Tilly'' has now been with us for a week
she has quickly settled in and is never far from
Dougies side!  I know a shock to us as well !!!
She has learnt very quickly to use her litter and
has not had a mishap around the house at all so thats
making life much easier... She has the best nature and is
very cuddly and loves to be with ANYONE for a hug!

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