Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just have to share with you !!!

Carly, usually sits and helps with some of the cake and cookie making if she is free, she really loves it as much as I do and often amazes me with her artistic talents. So just had to share with you this cake she made from start to finish for her friends birthday last week.  I was snowed under getting out my own 3 orders so told her she was on her own... this is what she came up with.. Her friend loves Stewie from the Family Guy ... 
Happy Birthday Sarah !! 

Pretty sure you will agree thats amazing ability from a 13 year old !!! Carly I am so proud of you ! and it will be nice to be able to hand over all my gear to you in a few years ! lol you will out do your mum by then and i will have to become the assistant ! 

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