Saturday, February 26, 2011

Handbag and accessories cake.

This cake is sponge with butter cream and fondant. All the accessories are edible even the cash poking out of the top ! Was happy with the end result of this one...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautiful Bubbles !

These are gelatin bubbles made around water balloons... My first attempt so making more.. They harden and can be kept in a container for mths for use on cakes that call for bubbles... I think they come up beautiful and will add a little more than an icing bubble. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally ..... My first pair of gumpaste shoes.....

Wow this was sooooooo much harder than I thought ! after 4 shoes, I finally got these that I know are still pretty raw, but with practice and time .....I may just perfect them and if not well Alot of Fun trying :) Pretty happy with them 4 my first go...
Still drying then i can polish them and get the little rough edges off them !  

just a rough first go to see if it would work... will be making another one and adding some more detail... this was just left over i had that i just muck about with so will make more the right colours now...

A little princess...
oh no Im Bald !!!

yay! now i have my hair and crown !

Little sugarpaste horse with saddle. 

Little Miss Elephant.

The Second Attempt......

Monday, February 14, 2011

Marzipan Cakes.... Only new to this so there are lots of imperfections ...

Graduation Bear ... with stars on wires.

buttercream and Marzipan 16th Birthday.

Buttercream and Marzipan

An Aussie Bush Christmas.

Cake made by CARLY (13 yr old daughter)

Baby in a Bath.... Christening Cake.

2 Tiered Choc Mud with Marzipan Icing.

Cookies and Cookie Bouquets.

Gingerbread men.

Extra Large Cookie on Stick. Xmas Tree.

Gingie Girl

Gingie Boy


Extra Large cookie Bouquets. each cookie Approx 400g. 

Another Gingie Girl.

Dinner Sized Plate Birthday Cookie.

Playboy Bunnie Cookies. Free hand no cutters used.

boy and girl teddies (mini cookies) 
Happy Apples.

Carlys Favourite ... Smiley Faces.

Pretty Butterflies.

Teacher Thank yous...

Birthday Cookie Bouqet.

Smiling Flower

Love heats (box of love)

Free hand (no cutters) Robot Cookies

Winter Wonderland house (sugar dough)

Stand alone cookie ''Sail Away''

Race Cars

For the ladies... cherubs and Doves.

Santa and Frosty Cookie Bouquet.

Stand alone Princess Castle. 
Tulip on stick.
The following photos are from and
order I had for 33 (3 cookie bouquets)
All Cookies were made on sticks, decorated,
packaged, ribbons added and boxed.  

All 99 cookies ... What a job that was but so much
FUN !!!!