Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last weeks cakes.

Another busy week..

The first cake was for a lady who does tattoos in town who
wanted a mans torso with a tribal tattoo on it. She also
wanted me to make  a replica of her very own gun she
uses so this is what it came up like .

The second cake was a double tiered 50th Birthday.
They wanted something to suit both parents that were
turning 50, I went with black and white and it looked really
stunning.  Kept it simple but it looked very striking.
They loved it !!! I made the stars on wires and
the 50 in the middle as I really think the numbers with the
onion grass you can buy are tacky.  

The last cake was for Ian (the local chemist) who is
also a facebook addict! One of his staff members ordered this for
his 50th Birthday.  She thought it was great.  
I made everything you can see eg. the tablets, spout of bottle, and lid.  I had ordered an edible image which sadly didnt arrive in time but came up with one that didnt look as good  but still did the trick.

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