Sunday, January 19, 2014

HUGE christmas 2013

Just a few of the 450 cookies i did last christmas ... Dont forget to look in the recent posts and see if the link to my page on FB works for you :) that way you can keep up to date with what im up to :) ! I completed over 1200 cookies and 135 cakes in 2013 .. Lets hope 2014 will be as much fun !!! 

My two pride and joys from 2013..

These were probably the most challenging cakes from 2013 but also the most rewarding... I loved how they both turned out... Each one tested me to my limits but in the end I got there... which is the main thing :) 

Just a little of what I did in 2013

This is my FB page if you hit the link it should directly take you there so you will again be able to keep up with what I do...