Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just have to share with you !!!

Carly, usually sits and helps with some of the cake and cookie making if she is free, she really loves it as much as I do and often amazes me with her artistic talents. So just had to share with you this cake she made from start to finish for her friends birthday last week.  I was snowed under getting out my own 3 orders so told her she was on her own... this is what she came up with.. Her friend loves Stewie from the Family Guy ... 
Happy Birthday Sarah !! 

Pretty sure you will agree thats amazing ability from a 13 year old !!! Carly I am so proud of you ! and it will be nice to be able to hand over all my gear to you in a few years ! lol you will out do your mum by then and i will have to become the assistant ! 

Last weeks cakes.

Another busy week..

The first cake was for a lady who does tattoos in town who
wanted a mans torso with a tribal tattoo on it. She also
wanted me to make  a replica of her very own gun she
uses so this is what it came up like .

The second cake was a double tiered 50th Birthday.
They wanted something to suit both parents that were
turning 50, I went with black and white and it looked really
stunning.  Kept it simple but it looked very striking.
They loved it !!! I made the stars on wires and
the 50 in the middle as I really think the numbers with the
onion grass you can buy are tacky.  

The last cake was for Ian (the local chemist) who is
also a facebook addict! One of his staff members ordered this for
his 50th Birthday.  She thought it was great.  
I made everything you can see eg. the tablets, spout of bottle, and lid.  I had ordered an edible image which sadly didnt arrive in time but came up with one that didnt look as good  but still did the trick.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Shower Cake.

 Baby Shower Cake.
''Ten little fingers and Ten little toes'' 
Fun one to make !
Vanilla cake with butter cream and
covered in fondant. All edible.
Raining out here today so its made the
fondant go a little sticky and wet but
hopefully it will dry out overnight.  

Pirate Party ! 21 loot bags and 2 tier Cake.

Pirate Party !
Ahoy there me Hearties!
This was a fun one to do as I loved the cake to
begin with and really wanted to do it, then I added the
led lights and WOW ! it came up really well.
Customer LOVED it so Job accomplished :)

loot bags...
cookie on stick (skull)
lollies, balloons, pirate loot and lollipops.
pirate cookie on stick
All the cookies (21)
Inside the loot bag.

All the loot bags done up.

The Cake all edible. Swork and chain
hand made.

The Finished cake complete with lit up eyes.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thankyou cookie Bouquet.

Due to being unwell I have not been doing cakes or cookies for the last mth... But have now started again....
Orders are booked up so I will be very busy in upcoming months..
This is a cookie bouquet I made for Alison who was so very kind and bought our new kitten home from Roma... Our poor old Furby was run over so this little sweetheart should bring some fun back for Carly the Animal lover ! I made some freehand kittens... grey with no tails (this is the sort of cat we got her) Manx x Persian ... \

''Tilly'' has now been with us for a week
she has quickly settled in and is never far from
Dougies side!  I know a shock to us as well !!!
She has learnt very quickly to use her litter and
has not had a mishap around the house at all so thats
making life much easier... She has the best nature and is
very cuddly and loves to be with ANYONE for a hug!