Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Secret Flinstone pre work for Dougies Birthday Cake.

Was going to make Dougie a coke glass with a coke can pouring the drink into it but because of all the pipes and construction, and the lack of time and his birthday being at the end of easter...I will have to save that for another time.. He loves Fred Flinstone so have decided to make his house, car and yard. Have been working after he goes to bed at night and have got the roof with Dino coming out the chimmeny, Fred and his car, and a few others things made... The Girls wanted this to be a surprise so we have it under lock and key and work on it when hes not around !

Fred Flinstone

and his car

And his ever annoying but loveable pet Dino . Will post more pics of
the actual cake on Monday sometime.  

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