Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gumpaste work for upcoming cakes ..

This is a gumpaste shoe for a cake I am doing on Sat.
The cake will be a fondant covered shoebox with 
the shoe sitting on top and the bow is just for some added decoration at the bottom corner of the box.  

These little baby booties are about 10cm long
(very fiddly to make) they are for the top teir of a 3 tiered
christening cake for next weekend. Gumpaste has to be 
made ahead of time so it has time to set up! 
I had some extra gumpaste left over so made a few little extras
not sure if they will make the cake but they will make it to someones cake ... I just store them in airtight containers once they harden and they are good to go for when i need them :)    

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