Monday, October 31, 2011

busy week !

Can of xxxx beer pouring into a glass... I still think this cake would have looked better if the beer glass had a handle on it ! but I can only do what the customer wants and she was not having a bar of me doing that lol 


A lady wanted to make her daughter a flower and butterfly cake, she had bought the tin and loved the design on it but didnt know where to begin. So she emailed me a pic and measured the petals and I made it like she wanted, packed up all the pieces and sent to her... Sadly 2 butterflies passed away in the mail hahaha but i did make her 6 and 2 extra petals just in case. she baked the cake iced it and put the pieces on i sent her all the way to toowoomba ! and this is what it came up like. i love it so pretty.   

Two tier 21st cake... fondant and buttercram with home made decorations...

and the last one for the weekend ... our little cousin Charlotte turns 5 on Tues and had a party with friends in the park... This one i handed over to Carly who did a wonderful job yet again !!!! its a marble cake covered in butter cream and decorated with fondant flowers etc... the picture is now her placemat at mealtimes ! just printed it out, added some glitter (thanks Joy ! ) and laminated it. Something she can keep and something that was nice but easy and quick to make on a hectic cake weekend :)    

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  1. My goodness you have been busy - well done though they are all great :) x joy