Saturday, May 7, 2011

''Tulips for Mum'' a Mothers Day Cake

Every Mothers Day I like to donate a cake to a charity for Mothers Day, it is nice to think that someone is sitting down over a cuppa with their Special Mother just like I used to do! This cake was a complete headache !!! Caused me nothing but grief from start to finish...the tulips are made from 2 marshmellows then buttercreamed over and finally the petals are put on... They are heavy and as gravity takes its hold .... down the stick they slide... thinking about it for a while i thought ok well out with a batch of royal icing... down they went again ! ok so I tried edible glue... no luck ! Finally I melted white chocolate ... they stayed up there, I thought that was it my problems were over... think again ! lol I made the pot but didnt give it much thought and did sponge cake ... crumb coated it, marzipaned it, put in the tulips, leaves, dirt (flake) attached my butterflies and bow and stood back to admire the tulips standing up so nice and high ! I went back about 2 hours later and OMG ! I was mortified ! I had a pot about half its original size and leaning backwards like it was going to do a flip off the table at any time. After i got over the shock I thought ok this has to go out tomorrow ! Got out the ingredients and started again... at least I could reuse the flowers etc so I was happy about that... made a good old sturdy cake and redid the pot... Its better than the first one but have decided to leave out the flowers and leaves untill I deliver it to the winner... This time they will be going in straight down no fancy business hahahha Oh well we live and learn and i learnt never marzipan sponge cake or you end up with pancakes ! Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful and wonderful Mothers and Grandmothers ! I know my mum and I would have had a good old laugh about this cake ! 

Will add a pic of the new pot tomorrow..
The new pot which i am happy to say stayed in one piece hahaha!
I ended up adding the little ladybug baby as it was mums day and the lady bug
just seemed to fit with the flower pot :)



  1. absolutely beautiful Susen - well done - it is a work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Joy it was a headache !!! LOL but was won by Caitlyn Johnstone so that was nice ! Tammy and Caity loved it and were so excited so made it all worth while :)