Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ute with pets in the back.

LOL got this order yesterday arvo... My sister comes up and says oh i want a cake with a ute and the persons pets in the back ... I cautiously replied oh yes .... to which she continued yes she has a cow and a dog !!! Still giggling about this one... I was sitting there for a min thinking how am I going to do this ????? hmmm well as you can see I did... was alot of fun but scared me half to death thinking it had to be picked up today ! oh well just goes to show what can be done in a short time... Julie I would only ever do it for you hahahhaa!

The cake is sponge with buttercream icing, The easiest way I thought to get this on the cake fast was to roll out some marzipan and use that as my canvas to paint it on with food colourings... I had no way of getting the pic on the marzipan other than freehand it ... so nervously I started thinking what will I do if this doesnt work ??   Worked really well I think :)   

oops didnt notice until it was too late that ute is left hand drive ... hahahaha im sure they wont mind :)  

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